Welcome to Our Blog!

Welcome to our blog about the dental medicine business in the Province of Quebec.
Apart of business related aspects, you will also find in our blog articles about various legal, tax and accounting matters concerning the practice of dentistry in Quebec. We will also include, from time to time, articles about current news worth mentioning.
Our goal is to provide you with useful information related to your practice. We will try to present in a reader friendly way various arid subjects such as legal or tax rules, so that you may fully grasp what we, as professionals at your service, can do for you.
Why do we aim to provide services exclusively to Quebec dentists? after all, there are approximately only 5000 dentists in the Belle Province… It is a small market, but a quality and sophisticated one, and there are very few or practically no lawyers and accountants who specialize in offering services to Quebec dentists, whereas in other Canadian provinces and the United States many firms do offer such services successfully.

We, the founders, have been friends for a long time: we met while doing our MBA. We decided to join forces, a lawyer and an accountant, both with over 20 years of professional experience, both entrepreneurs and passionate about small businesses, to form DDP Inc., a boutique shop offering professional services exclusively to Quebec dentists.
Our search for a niche market with which we have affinities, as professionals, directed us to you, dentists. Your profession, with its diverse business, legal, accounting, ethics and human dimensions is a complex subject which deserves specialized professional services. Moreover, your practice, within human-scaled small businesses, resembles ours. Your strong entrepreneurial instinct inspires us. The fact that there are a few dentists in our families also helped us to choose our target market. Just like you, we are dedicated professionals, who regularly take continuing education courses to sharpen our skills, and we aim at providing our clients high-impact services at a great price-quality ratio.

We understand that the practice of dentistry is first and foremost a profession, which must put patients’ interests first, before business considerations related to the operation and management of the dental practice. We also believe that it is possible to fully comply with your ethical obligations to your patients while maintaining very profitable operations, or, in other words, to achieve an ideal balance.
Your professional practice is demanding. You have many obligations. It is thus normal that you obtain a level of revenue commensurate to your efforts. We are here to help you protect and optimize both the source, your practice, as well as the fruits of your efforts.

A knowledgeable dentist builds a team of professionals to help throughout his or her career, to be able to concentrate his or her efforts on the practice of dentistry instead of business operations and management for which no or minimal training was received. We do not suggest that a dentist completely delegates the management of his business, but instead that he or she should get professional advice which will help reach goals and assist and allow learning about business management and other matters. To each his own: we do not try to fix our teeth ourselves, we ask dentists to do it for us. Similarly, we can only recommend that you seek professional help regarding legal, accounting and tax matters.
Whether you are fresh out of school and looking for your first dentist job, or you are looking for a dental practice to purchase so that you may be your own boss, or you have decided that it is time to retire and you want to sell your practice, we can help.

DDP is here to shake up the professional services market for Quebec dentists.

All our services are offered in fixed-price packages, with a few rare exceptions. With us, clients do not have to hesitate before calling to ask a question for fear of receiving a shocking bill for a few moments on the phone. We offer a free initial consultation to all Quebec dentists. We also offer free follow-up consultations to our regular clients.
Our fixed-price fees eliminate unsavoury surprises related to long-distance calls, copies of documents, courier fees and other items which sometimes unduly inflate invoices.
But what really differentiates us from other professionals is our purchase and sale of dental practice services WITHOUT COMMISSIONS which produces savings of 50% and more compared to the commissions charged by brokers for the sale of a practice.
We offer a full range of à la carte services for the purchase and the sale of dental practices. We can help you with a single step of the process or all of it, according to your needs.
For more information, please consult our website or call us, without hesitation, for your free, no-obligation consultation, so that we may discuss your needs.

Welcome to DDP Inc.!

Pierre de Boucherville Rémi Dijoux