“The most difficult thing to understand in the whole world is income tax!” (Albert Einstein)

Business financial plan for dental practice in Quebec

We determine with you the tax structure and strategy in order to minimize your taxes and maximize your assets to prepare you for the future, in estate matters or for the sale of your dental practice. We constantly update ourselves in this field in order to serve our customers optimally.

Services :
  • Income tax filings for individuals and businesses
  • Creation of corporations (incorporation)
  • Corporate planning and structure
  • Personal and estate planning
  • Sales Taxes (GST, QST)
  • •  Salary versus dividends
  • Taxation on purchase or sale of practice: shares vs. assets, capital gains exemption, tax rollover, etc.


Minimize your tax burden

Benefit from tax credits offered under the latest tax laws

Optimize the value of your dental practice for a future sale

Optimize the value of your assets

Set up your estate

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