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The Purchase and Sale of a Dental Practice in Quebec

The Purchase and Sale of a Dental Practice in Quebec

General Advice and Pitfalls to Avoid

Pierre de Boucherville, Lawyer, Partner, DDP inc.

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Purchase a Practice: Introduction
Chapter 1: Working for Someone Else
Chapter 2: To Purchase an Established Practice or to Open a New One
Chapter 3: Purchasing an Established Practice
Positive aspects
Negative aspects
Chapter 4: Being the Only Boss or Having a Partner?
Chapter 5: Some of the Pitfalls of the Dental Practice Purchase and Sale Transaction
Chapter 6: Should You Purchase Shares or Assets?
Chapter 7: What to Expect Out of the Deal: a Few Statistics
Chapter 8: Whatever Your Decision, Have a Plan!
Selling a Practice : Introduction
Chapter 9: Preliminary Considerations
Chapter 10: The Valuation of Your Dental Practice: Always Very Useful
Chapter 11: What Do Dental Practice Buyers Look For?
Chapter 12: The Optimization of the Sale: the Preparation
Chapter 13: The Dental Practice Sale Process
Chapter 14: The Dental Practice Purchase/Sale Transaction: Past Issues
Chapter 15: After the Sale, the Transition Period
Chapter 16: To Get Incorporated… If Not Already Done

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