Purchase of a Dental Practice

Find the dental practice that fits your vision at the right price.

Buying a dental practice in Quebec

You want to purchase a dental office, firm or practice: call it what you want, we can help! Begin with the most important thing: choose your team of experts who will guide you so that you reach your goal: DDP Inc.

Closing a dental practice purchase deal represents a very serious business decision: it will most likely be the most important transaction of your life. Better be prepared before contracting an important debt which will take many years to repay.

Purchasing an existing dental practice can be the fastest and less risky way to go in business for yourself. Nevertheless, you must aim as an objective the acquisition of a practice which respects your vision, your needs, but first and foremost, which is highly profitable, with a long-term growth potential, since you will probably be working there for the next twenty years.


You need advice on a variety of matters from legal, accounting, tax and management perspectives.


  • The business structure
  • Starting up a dental practice
  • Purchase of a dental practice
  • Merger of dental practices
  • Choice of a new dental practice location
  • Business plan, financial planning
  • Valuation
  • Financing
  • Due diligence
  • Transactions and closing: from the letter of intent or offer up to the signing of the contract
  • Transition and integration


Save time: all the professional advice you need under one roof.

Save money: our fixed-price, all inclusive service packages are made to fulfill your needs, and protect you from the bad surprises of hourly rate billing.

Build a team who will advise you throughout the duration of your career, instead of disappearing once the purchase and sale transaction of your dental practice is done.

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