Accounting and Advisory Services

Accounting and advisory for your success strategy

Accounting and management services for dental practice in Quebec


We not only deliver you accurate financial data in accordance to regulatory requirements, we analyze it to better provide you valuable advice to take the decisions which align with your goals. We will explain your performance in accordance with your plans and formulate recommendations to ensure a bright future.


  • Analysis and follow-up of financial results
  • Financial statements
  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax filing


  • Centralized tool for better decision making.
  • Understanding the financial situation and the profitability of your dental practice
  • Measure performance and get recommendations
  • Optimize financial gains on various transactions such as financing, the purchase or sale of a dental practice.



Management services are one of the keys to successful financial and strategic management of a dental practice. At each step of your career: the opening, the growth and maturity stages, we provide you with advice as to the many choices you have to make.


  • Starting a business
  • Financing a dental practice
  • Performance management and analysis
  • Business plans, financial forecasting
  • Strategy
  • Risk management

  • Facilitate financing
  • Better understand the impact of scenarios
  • Maximize the profitability of a dental practice
  • Save time and money for figures or situation analysis
  • Mitigate risks: business, legal, liquidity, etc.


Throughout your career, we take charge of the accounting, financial and tax aspects of your practice, so that you concentrate on what you do best – being a dentist. We mobilize our resources and expertise to help you take the best decisions. By understanding your personal and professional objectives, we help you elaborate an adapted financial and fiscal strategy, follow-up on it and recommend solutions for future concerns.

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